Workshop Fun at the Farm

Earlier this month we went to the LinDhu Gathering in Lincolnshire and I said last week that I would post more about what we got up to.

There were all kinds of workshops on over the weekend – some free, some charged, but covering all kinds of things. I’m pleased to say that despite the weather and all the work that we were there to do, we managed to go to quite a few between us.

There was an amazing circus/theatre group there and they ran lots and lots of free workshops for the children over the weekend, in various circus skills including juggling and Diablo. Bean attended two or three of these. I love that he could just go and see what was on for the day and then take himself off to whatever took his fancy.


The stall next to us sold various spiritual, Pagan and magick style items made from Fimo clay, and they ran several free workshops for the children too. Bean and Plum went together to make their own wands and it was lovely to spy on them and see Bean helping Plum with the bits that her three-year old hands couldn’t manage. On our last day, Bean popped over to make a unicorn too, which we brought home to cook in the oven. It’s definitely sparked his interest in clay creation and we’ll be getting ourselves some Fimo and air dry clay for them both to experiment with.


There was another stall selling clay items, some from polymer clay but most from terracotta and other “normal” clays. She was running a workshop for a group Goddess project. She came to me for a henna tattoo, and during that, she told me about the workshop, so went the time came, I put up my little sign and toddled off to the marquee with my coffee. We each created a Goddess figure from terracotta, which she was taking home to fire. They were then going to be strung into bunting and returned to the farm where the festival was held. The farm holds quite a few spiritual events so the goddess bunting will look fabulous there.


The other thing I made time to do was visit the healing field and have an ear candle session. I’ve had Hopi ear candles before but these we Jill Fraser candles, made from pure local beeswax. It was so peaceful in the healing tent and I had a wonderful hour of face massage and ear candles and I felt totally spaced out at the end of it. The treatment was incredibly effective in clearing my ears too, though I feel like I need it doing again very soon to really make a big impact.

There’s so much more I could tell you about the weekend – I may need to write another post about it!

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3 comments on “Workshop Fun at the Farm

  1. I’ve never heard of an ear candle before. I suffer from clogged ears regularly and this sounds as if it could help the problem without resorting to having a nurse flush the wax out.

  2. What a lovely event. I am really interested in the idea of an ear candle,that is something I have never heard of, but as someone who suffers earache a lot, I would love to know more.



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