Home Education: Tie Dye Workshop

The schools might be on holiday, but there are lots of home education activities happening over the summer.

Last week, I took Bean and Plum along to a tie dye workshop at the home of a fellow home education family. Bean was really looking forward to it, and Plum was very taken with the idea that she could make her own “firework top” (she has recently taken to wearing an old tshirt of Bean’s which is a tie dye design and which she thinks looks like fireworks).

home education workshop

The process was quite easy, although both Bean and Plum asked me to twist their tshirts because they found that bit tricky. The dyes we were using were professional dyes and there was quite a large choice of colours and shades to use.

Bean decided to go for lots of bright, vivid colours and was quite happy to get on with it, with just a bot of help to get down into the folds with the dye. Plum had wanted to make a firework top, as I’d said – black with lots of bright colours. However, when we got there, she saw lots of pinks and purples and her fireworks plan went out of the window.

home education workshop

Once they’d finished with the dye, we wrapped them up in brown paper and then we had to leave them until the following day, which was almost more than Plum could handle. Once they’d been left for 14 hours, then rinsed, washed and dried, they finally got to wear them.  Please excuse the very obvious need for an iron in the following photos!



Two very different tshirts, two very happy children!

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5 comments on “Home Education: Tie Dye Workshop

  1. Tie dyeing is so much fun for all ages I think, If I could still rock one I’d definitely wear it! x

  2. Oh these looks such fun! I think the suspense would kill me waiting 14 hours. I’d have to peek!

  3. These both look fantastic. What a fun activity and I imagine they are proudly wearing their new tops on a daily basis.

    Thanks so much for linking up to the #homeedlinkup

  4. I loved the colours – so cheerful !!!

  5. What gorgeous, vibrant t-shirts!

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