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Geocaching Adventures

This week has been a busy one and I’ll no doubt be posting about it in the near future. But here’s what we got up to last Sunday, to kick off our week.

You’ll know that we love Geocaching if you pop by here regularly. August brought a special challenge for geocachers, and with it, seven new profile badges that can only be earned this month. You can earn badges for all kinds of things – geocaching in various countries (and states in the US), attending geocaching events, achieving certain challenges … The new challenge was to find six different kinds of cache during August, with a badge for each of them. Anyone who gets all six also gets a bonus badge. I’m a sucker for challenges!

geocaching sightseer

So far, all the cahes we had found were traditional caches – you get the destination, go to it, and hunt in that area until you find it. But there are other kinds – some you have to solve puzzles before you can find out where you need to go to find the cache. Others will give you a destination, but you’ll only find clues to take you to another location before you eventually catch up with the cache. Others don’t exist – you have to find the location, take a photo and then find the information to answer set questions – and there are lots more.

geocaching puzzler

So on Sunday, I decided we should try to get some more caches and some of these badges. We visited a local church for a multi-part cache, did a tour of the next town, finding six different caches, taking info from each one and piecing it together to find the mystery cache at the end of it. It was a really well thought out series and when you pieced together all the locations, the names were all major parts of a well-known conspiracy theory!  We also stopped off at a local supermarket and whilst Stonelaughter took Plum and PK in to grab some potatoes, Bean and I checked out the trolley park and found a cache!

geocacher explorer

Yes, we are quite possibly nerds, but who cares?


Now it’s over to you – link up your parenting posts – old and new, happy and sad, serious, funny – anything goes!

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3 comments on “This Parenting Lark Link Up

  1. Not a mum so no parenting stories from me but Stella the geohound and I got our first new geocaching souvenir this week 🙂 We completed the August challenge last year but I doubt we’ll get all the different types this month. Well done on yours already!

  2. This is something I would really like to do one day. A friend of mine does it in France regularly and I just love to read posts from his adventures.

  3. I have been looking into geocaching, I used to love orienteering, map reading and this has the added fun element to keep children occupied and interested!

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