Gluten Free Recipes from The Sated Coeliac Move Back to Barefoot Mahala

The Sated Coeliac - Gluten Free RecipesYou may have noticed (and you may not!) an addition to the blog this week. For the last ten or more years, all my cooking has been gluten free, as a result of being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. After several people asked me to share my gluten free recipes, I began publishing them onthis blog.

This year, I decided that these recipes needed a home of their own and set up a shiny new blog for them, all about gluten free cooking. It was a mistake. I don’t have time to keep two blogs going with all the other commitments I have.

And so, the Sated Coeliac has moved back in. From now on, this is where I’ll publish my recipes and any other coeliac/gluten free posts I write. It won’t be more than one a week, but it’ll all fit in nicely, since these recipes are for the meals I cook for the family. I hope you enjoy them!

About Mahala

Mahala is a 40 something mother of three young children and wife to a flute maker. An ex-teacher-turned-WAHM who home educates her children, she writes about life as a parent, in all its guises; living with chronic illness; the occasional gluten free recipe and even a bit of politics from time to time.

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Recipes from The Sated Coeliac Move Back to Barefoot Mahala

  1. Emma

    Yey, great news. So happy that I found this blog as I am now completely on the gluten free band wagon…thanks to you I can now eat tasty treats again!


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