My First Blogger Event!

So this happened at the weekend. I was brave and I went to my very first blogger event. Not bad for someone who has been blogging for four and a half years!

I took Plum and PK along to Dobbie’s Garden Centre in Chesterfield for a sensory garden session and picnic. It was absolutely baking hot and an interesting exercise in splitting myself in two – Plum was her independent self and PK has his own ideas about where he should head – now he’s confident walking, he wants to walk everywhere. And he’s a good little walker, but he will only go in the direction he wants to go. And he’s not keen on sitting still either!


Anyway, the event. The children were taken round the various plants – the tasty ones, the scented ones, the colourful ones … they got to pick and eat tomatoes, smell the mint and the lavender, look at all the beautiful colours (Plum was especially taken with the marigolds).

There was a picnic, balloons, and for the little ones, lots of time to play in wooden play houses on site. Plum was particularly fond of one which had stairs inside and which she dubbed “the cottage”. PK made the most of his small bit of freedom and his chance to run around with the other children.


For me, it was a chance to meet and chat to some local bloggers. Not knowing anyone there, I had to be brave and go and join in a conversation – the ladies I imposed myself on were lovely and friendly and I’m very pleased I didn’t just sit on the sidelines wishing I knew someone! 


I started this blog because I needed somewhere to write. For me. That hasn’t changed. But now, finally, I’m finding there’s a social side to this blogging lark too, and I intend to make the most of it! I hope to get to many more blogger events in the future.

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2 comments on “My First Blogger Event!

  1. That sounds like a really fun event, glad you had a good time.

  2. Aw it sounds like you all had a fab time, I really enjoy the social side of blogging x

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