Milestones – A Week of Firsts

It’s been a busy week for PK who seems to have been going through a big development spurt. He’s had a week of exciting new milestones and it’s been hard to keep up. It’s lovely to see, but it does make my heart ache too – my last baby is really not a baby anymore; at 19 months old he’s well and truly a toddler and showing his independence in lots of ways. As far as possible, I ignore the ages these things are supposed to happen – children develop at their own pace as we know, and are oblivious to what the books say. That doesn’t stop us looking forward to certain milestones and enjoying them whenever they happen.

He’s hit a few speech milestones recently. We’ve been having lots of words from him for months, but he’s now started talking in sentences. Not all of what he says can be deciphered yet, but he clearly knows what he’s saying because he repeats it exactly several times. He’s fond of adding “and” and “but” into his conversation too, with lots of emphasis on them – “Aaaannnnd …..”  BUUTttttt…..” He’s copied this from Plum. Some of what he says is very clear though. One particular phrase that is getting a lot of use at the moment is “I trumped Mummy. Pardon Me”, often followed by a self satisfied giggle (and a green fog).

speech milestones

I said in a recent post that PK’s way of saying “I love you too” was to smile and say “too”. That changed over the weekend when he walked up to Plum, looked at her and said “I uvv you Plum”. I melted. And tried not to be bitter that it wasn’t his Mummy he said it to first (I’m joking – it was lovely to watch and Plum was over the moon. Over. The. Moon).

PK has recently shown a distinct fondness for Mr Tumble too. Plum was given a Mr Tumble annual at Christmas and over the last couple of weeks it has become PK’s prized possession. He carries it with him crooning “Tuuuumble”. And then we realised that he was singing the theme tune. Well, bits of it – “Hello, hello, are you? I see you. Hello, happy name. Yeayyyy!”

Yesterday he came up to me and said “you sign”, and signed it. Unfortunately, he didn’t know what he wanted me to sign, but you can’t have it all. Later, with a little encouragement, he signed “milk please”.  Like Plum and Bean before him though, he seems to have clicked on to signing after he can already say the things he is signing, so uses it as a fun thing to do, rather than a means of actual communication. 

Today, as I write this, he is mastering the art of the knock knock joke. So far, we have got “knock, knock. Who’s there? *something incoherent* yeah!”. Hmn, he’s not really grasped the basics of how they work yet. Give him time.

Another of those lovely toddler milestones we’ve reached over the last week is the beginning of the defiant phase. The forceful “no” and the dropping down onto his bottom, refusing to move in protest at … whatever he’s protesting about at that moment. Thankfully, these moments last all of a few seconds but they are a definite sign that he is going to follow Plum more than Bean when it comes to the “Terrible Twos”. Ahh, I can hardly wait!

What milestones do you look forward to and which have you enjoyed the most so far?



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9 comments on “Milestones – A Week of Firsts

  1. Oh man you are bringing back fond memories for me. Enjoy every milestone.

  2. I love these stories you share! I don’t have kids, but enjoy others stories!

  3. So cute! My 15-month-old has really started picking up new words this week. His new favorite is “Uh oh”, and it is adorable. He also started saying “Thank you” and “Hiiiiiii!”. Toddler milestones really are adorable!

  4. Very sweet! My 14 month old is very quiet and doesn’t do much in the way of talking (even though she’s a girl). She smiles and says “Mama” more than anything.

    These milestones are so sweet!

  5. It is so fun to hear about your son’s development. Those moments are so precious! This brought back happy memories.

  6. That’s cute when they try to tell jokes. I love it when toddlers begin mimicking funny expressions and signing songs. Enjoy the milestones.

  7. I love the milestones, and all of the stories you share here. Even the tough milestones like the “no” phase I still view as something I’ll look back on and miss in a strange way.

  8. Aw, I totally relate to that melting feeling. My two year old has started adding words rapidly. We asked where the slug he was playing with went Saturday and he pointed to his lips and said, “Mouf!”

    God bless you! Beautiful stories. 🙂

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