Jammin’ Together

I mentioned at some point that one of the things Bean wanted to do was learn to play guitar. He got a guitar about 18 months ago, and despite his best intentions, he hasn’t made much progress with it. He wants to learn, but he wants it to be easy. I’ve been trying to help him, but I don’t want to force the issue because I don’t want to kill off his interest all together.


One of the things I realised whilst we were making our way through the exercises was that I would really like to learn to play guitar myself and so when my 40th came around recently, one of the things I asked for was a guitar of my own. I love it! Such a gorgeous colour. Since it arrived, Bean and I have been spending time working through the lessons with each other and having fun.

We’re working on chord learning exercises at the moment. It’s fab when we both try a chord, complain that the finger arrangements are ridiculously hard and then celebrate when we both get it spot on. Having learnt the first three of the course we’re following, we’re spending time practising so we can memorise the finger positions, make the chord sound nice, and move between the chords with increasing speed.

I can’t wait for the time when we can sit and play songs together (we currently have our sights set on Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door) and I know Bean will love that too. I hope that by the time we go camping in August we’ll both have got to the stage where we can strum together round the fire. We’re aiming for at least 30 minutes practice a day, so I’m hopeful that we’ll make steady progress!

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4 comments on “Jammin’ Together

  1. I started playing the guitar 20 years ago – not that you would know it to hear me play haha

  2. I tried playing my cousins guitar but I don’t have the patience to learn. Tbf neither did she because she just handed it onto somebody else. lol. Good luck, slowly but surely 🙂

  3. Harry started this year, so far he’s brought home chord arrangements for “Smoke On The Water” and “Love, Love. Love.” Have to say his chords sound nothing like the songs as I know them…. Nate said he would get and old one at mother-in-laws restrung for me, but hasn’t happened so far. Perhaps I’ll put it on my 40th birthday list too!

  4. I’ve been thinking for a long time about getting a guitar, and from reading your post I think I should just do it! Well, maybe next birthday, my last birthday revolved around jogging necessities… one hobby at a time, huh! Hope you & your son keep up the hobby together. 🙂 Danica

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