My To-Do List With Attitude – A Bucket List of Sorts

Having come across the list of 50 things to do before you’re 12, and agreeing with Bean that we will do our best to help him complete them, I started wondering about my own “bucket list”. And then I saw a couple of people post something called 101 in 1001 – a list of 101 things they want to do within 1001 days. Not a bucket list as such, more a to-do list with attitude, with a time limit on it to act as a virtual kick up the backside. This suits me better – it means there can be some seemingly insignificant things on the list, along with bigger, more amazing things – but everything on the list will be something that I want to do and will have meaning to me. This is my list though, so I’m not imposing rules about the quantity of goals or the time limit they have to be achieved in – it’s simply a list of things I want to do. This list is also specifically about me. There are things I want to help my children achieve, and things I want to do for them, but this list is about the things I want to achieve for me, and it’s something I think I don’t always focus on enough (in common with many other parents I suspect!)

I very much doubt that this list is complete – I will add to it as I see fit, and update it when things are achieved (and where relevant, I’ll link to a post about that goal).

my bucket list - learn about beekeeping

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  • Visit Nepal
  • Attend another Gorsedd at Avebury
  • Have a Goddess tattoo
  • Become a Level 6 Leader at Barefoot Books
  • Get bookings as a storyteller
  • Start my line of crochet jewellery
  • Try out Segway
  • Start keeping chickens again
  • Grow the majority of our vegetable needs
  • Learn about Beekeeping
  • Attend Brit Mums Live
  • Attend some blogging networking events and/or workshops
  • Earn money from my blog
my bucket list - visit Nepal

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  • Learn to play acoustic guitar
  • Have Afternoon Tea at Claridges
  • Do a firewalk
  • Send Travel Bugs out into the world in our Geocaching adventure. ✔
  • Set up my own cache in Geocaching
  • Take part in a 24 hour Geocaching event
  • Take the children camping in France
  • Make Afghan blankets for the children
  • Overhaul the lounge
  • Write a book
  • Join The National Trust and make the most of the membership
  • Learn a foreign language
my bucket list - keep chickens

Chickens in Grass Image courtesy of suwatpo /

  • Develop my clay jewellery range further
  • Attend an auction
  • Achieve all 7 Geocaching souvenirs for August
  • Attend a Geocaching camping event
  • See Xanthe Gresham perform Goddess Tales
  • Attend Druid Camp


What’s on your bucket list?

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3 comments on “My To-Do List With Attitude – A Bucket List of Sorts

  1. That’s an amazing list. I couldn’t compete, mainly because at age 72, I’ve achieved just about everything I ever wanted to do. Now, it’s more like: live long enough to support my husband. 😉

  2. That is a great list! Nepal is on my list too

  3. What a great list, really like this idea. I would have afternoon tea at Claridges (and maybe an overnight stay!) and writing a book on mine, plus I’ve wanted to go on a safari holiday for years. My problem would be narrowing my list down actually! #willynilly

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