What Am I?

How did you get on last week? Judging by the range of answers, it was more difficult than previous couple. So to out you put of your misery, the answer was ….. the vacuum hose from our Dyson. No-one visiting on the blog guessed the right answer, but congrats and jubilations to Cath for getting it right over on Facebook!


What Am I?

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22 comments on “What Am I?

  1. How about, is this a basket?

  2. woven straw?

  3. Corn husks?

  4. Ohhh Is this one a basket!

  5. It’s hard to guess but I’m saying woven basket too..or vase?

  6. A close up of a basket…maybe called “basket weave” 😉

    These are fun!

  7. Is it a basket?

  8. Mary A on said:

    I think it is a close up of a basket.

  9. I was thinking a basket weave! #WW

  10. lots of *almost* correct answers here. I wonder if anyone can be more specific – what’s the material?

  11. I’ll go with straw hat! I’m rubbish at this type of stuff though.

    Corinne x

  12. Woven basket – more specifically, a laundry basket or a plant pot basket?

  13. I agree, it’s probably a basket. Or maybe even a wicker chair…

  14. I’ll say it’s rafia woven into a basket?

  15. Is it a grass basket?

  16. looks like a basket to me.

  17. Katrina on said:

    Wastepaper basket?

  18. A basket?
    Happy Wordless Wednesday! 🙂

  19. Thanks for the linky! Yes, a woven basket!

  20. Janice on said:

    Straw basket or straw hat! What a fun wordless wednesday! (Btw, thanks for linking up with me! See you again next week?) 😉

  21. Add me to the basket weave basket club, I sure hope it’s a picnic basket with wine inside! LOL 😉

  22. looks like something from a woven basket …

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