Move Over Rooney, There’s a New Kid in Town

Well, weren’t England a disappointment in the World Cup? We had hoped that we would be tracking their progress through the competition as the basis to our World Cup project, but no. I did wonder if Bean would lose interest in it all together once England were eliminated, and he did in fact declare that he wasn’t interested in watching any more matches, but that was short lived, thankfully.


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He very quickly devised a way of deciding who he would support in each match he watched – whichever country was nearest to England. That’s worked well for him so far in the knock out matches. He hasn’t been nearly as disappointed as I thought he would be, although Plum has taken it hard – she keeps telling us that it’s not football day any more and England have gone home because they were rubbish (out of the mouth of babes and all that).


Love this picture of Lineker and Hanson

Love this picture of Lineker and Hanson

One thing that did keep them both entertained, and convinced they could have done a better job than the real England team, was the arrival of a personalised book in which Bean ends up not only playing for England, but actually scoring the winning goal! He loved reading about himself playing in the match, and Plum was excited that she and PK were also on the team.

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The book can be customised quite extensively, and it’s very easy to do. You name the main character, the team they end up playing for, the stadium, the manager and two of their team-mates. You can alter the look of the main character, choosing hair style, hair and skin colour and you can choose the team mates from a given selection. The main character’s name appears on both covers, and in the text and illustrations throughout the book. The printing is good quality and delivery is very quick.

If you’d like to order one for your little footballer (or even your big footballer – I bet the adults take England’s performance harder than the children!), you can get £5 off the price of the book at the moment, making it just £9.99 .


Disclaimer: we were provided with our personalised book free of charge for the purpose of review.

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2 comments on “Move Over Rooney, There’s a New Kid in Town

  1. What fun, its so special to have your own book, I’m loving the footie theme.

  2. I find it so funny how we all back England even though we know whats going to happen every single time!!
    Such a cute book!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

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