The One Where My 8 Year Needs a Mobile.

Bean has just been telling me how he needs a new mobile phone. He’s 8 years old. He has use of a very good phone (but not for calls or texts – just for games really) which was available when mine was upgraded. But at 8 he already knows it’s not the latest model, isn’t as fast as his parents’ newer models and he desperately needs a new one (which he won’t be getting by the way).

phoneCue a conversation about my first mobile phone. 1996. I was 22. It was a cellular phone brick. It had a stick-up aerial.

Bean asked how many free minutes it came with. None. Calls were around 40p a minute then and you paid for every one of them.

What about text messages? They didn’t existThat Blew. His. Mind. Text messages arrived later that year, but I couldn’t send them. You had to have the next phone up to send, but you could receive them.

What about the internet? Ummm … people didn’t generally even have the internet on their home computer then. In fact, most people didn’t have a home computer then.

Camera? Yes, I had a camera. It was called a camera and was completely separate to my mobile phone.

Games? Snake.

Bean’s conclusion? Wow, I’m so lucky.

Yes child. You are.

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3 comments on “The One Where My 8 Year Needs a Mobile.

  1. I like the idea of kids having phone but the simple one… just for making a phone call when needed but we do not allow them for everyday use, there is no need for them at school for example.

  2. A simple phone is fine for all kids, though I doubt they would see it like that. I still remember the thrill of using a mobile for the first time, when I was about 25!

  3. I remember that phone! My Mum and I shared it to start with. It was an awesome phone – so sturdy!

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