The Earth Stone Pan – Review

I love good quality pans. There I said it. So shoot me. I love my heavy cast iron casserole (even I struggle to lift it at the moment). I love the little crepe pan I have. The big griddle pan we were bought as a wedding present. The tagine which brightens up the dinner table. So when I was recently asked to review a stone pan I was intrigued.


It isn’t actually made of stone of course. That would be silly. It’s made from die-cast aluminium and the cooking surface is a stone-derived coating. It boasts of unprecedented non-stick qualities and no harmful chemicals.

In my experience “non-stick” is a relative term – and unless you pay an arm and a leg for each pan, you run the risk of having a cheap and nasty coating that peels off after a while. It’s why I have one or two really great pans rather than the entire contents of the professional cook shops at the local shopping centre (which is what I really want!).

The Stone Earth Pan* is available in several different sizes – I was sent the 8″ version. It comes with a protective cloth for when it’s being stored, to prevent the base being scratched, as well as comprehensive care instructions to help you get the most from the pan.

Nice even cook on pancakes without oil

Nice even cook on pancakes without oil

Like many good pans, it requires seasoning before its first use, and the instructions tell you to do this in the best way for this pan. Other care instructions include wiping it clean with a soft cloth and not shoving it in the dishwasher. I did wonder if this last instruction would mean I would end up not wiping gently with a soft cloth but scrubbing furiously with a soft cloth to get the pan clean, but no. This pan falls into the group of non-stick pans which are actually non-stick.

I wondered what would test the pan best. I don’t do much in the way of fried food, but the children do like pancakes on a regular basis. And I’m particular about what I cook them in – only ever my crepe pan. I decided to test the Earth Stone Pan with them to see what would happen. Would the batter stick? Would the pancakes cook in an odd way like they do in the non stick frying pan I have (but never use for pancakes because of the weird way it cooks it them). Would they taste and look OK?

I don’t like to use too much oil when I cook pancakes anyway, but this pan allowed me to cut it down to a bare minimum – half a teaspoon of olive oil was enough to happily cook five pancakes. It cooked them really evenly too – something which my favourite crepe pan doesn’t do very often!

Toasting pine kernels

Toasting pine kernels

I’ve used the pan for a few other things too, and I am sold. The 8″ pan is quite small, so it limits the things I can cook in it, but if I had the bigger one, I would be using it most days – we make everything from scratch here, and I think it would be a fab pan for making sauces in.

You can buy the Earth Stone Pan* from Ozeri at Amazon. The 8″ pan is £24.99 and is eligible for Amazon Prime.

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2 comments on “The Earth Stone Pan – Review

  1. Oooh these sound really good – I always find it hard to source and ethical pan that is really non-stick – thanks so much for sharing

    Laura x

  2. Rachel on said:

    I have something similar and it is brilliant, you can cook almost anything in them and they are great for omelettes x

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