100 Home Ed Days (1-7)

Having finished my 100 Happy Days posts I thought I would take part in this challenge that I have seen. I’ve been wanting to take part for a little while, but couldn’t commit to doing that whilst also doing another photo challenge!  I’ll be doing this one slightly differently; instead of a post every day, I’ll do one every week, with a round up of the photos for the previous seven days. So, stay tuned for some insights into what our home education looks like!




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6 comments on “100 Home Ed Days (1-7)

  1. This is such a fab idea. I wish I could do this.

  2. I find Home Ed so interesting, this is such a brilliant idea x

  3. Great idea! I have #100homeedays pics all over the place at the moment!
    I love trying to figure out what you have been doing by looking at the photos. I can see some geography and some lovely flags in progress which looks fun. I assume there has been a home-ed group meeting as well and of course, a spot of painting!

    Thanks so much for linking up to this weeks #homeedlinkup

    • hover over them for a clue 🙂 A world cup project, some round the world in 80 days, some football practice, geocaching project, a music club for the little two, and painting flags on the fence with home made paint.

  4. We have the Bear map and stickers too and my boys have really enjoyed completing it.

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