What Am I?

Well done to everyone who got last week’s clue … it was a birthday candle flame and there were 39 missing because last Wednesday was my 40th birthday! Bragging rights go to Karren from Oh My Heartsie Girl this week for being the first home with the correct answer.

And on to this week ….


What Am I?

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25 comments on “What Am I?

  1. Looks like the floor to the transporter room on the Starship Enterprise.

  2. Bubble wrap?

  3. I was going to say bubble wrap too! How about a diamond encrusted bracelet! Happy birthday to you!

  4. Bubble wrap was my guess too, but I think it’s too uniform for that.

  5. My guess would be bubble wrap too.

  6. A closeup of the blister pack from some tablets?

  7. Bubble wrap or as my grandkids would say … a whole lot of pops to pop!

  8. I would say some exercise machine?

  9. This is a cheese grater!

  10. I agree, grater!

  11. Fun game! My guess is bubble wrap.

  12. Bubble wrap or empty tablet foil =) #WW

  13. Nutmeg grater

  14. The bottom of a pool floater. Please tell me I’m right? If not, I’m sure I’ll survive. Happy WW!

  15. I think a grater as well

  16. At first I thought it looked like blister pack from some pills but I think it’s a cheese grater.

  17. Definitely a grater!
    Happy Wordless Wednesday! 🙂

  18. Looks like bubble wrap to me too in fact I can actually hear popping 😉

    Have a poptastic rest of week

  19. Holy cowgirl, I didnt read the beginning of the post the first time I was here, I got it, wow, Im shocked. Thanks and for stopping by my place this week!!

  20. Hi! First time here! I found you over on Create with Joy’s WW. 🙂 Nice to meet you! I am going with a grater of some sort also, but I have to admit, I’d never have guessed it without the other folks coming up with it first. LOL

  21. encrusted diamond something! (i do wish ha). something that massages your feet? :/

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