Everday Sexism in Advertising

Turbo power for women


This was the strapline for a vacuum cleaner in the 1950s. Of course, such blatant sexism wouldn’t happen in advertising these days would it? Hmn. Except of course that the majority of adverts promoting anything to do with housework are aimed at women and we just accept it, more or less. That’s just the way it is.


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What’s really annoyed me recently are the Currys adverts selling TVs in time for the world cup. Men, mad for for football, suggesting to their wives that they should get a big TV to watch their gardening programmes, cooking programmes etc. Football? What football? Of course, only men want to watch the World Cup, that’s a given. In Adland, women don’t like football. Female inhabitants of Adland still wear frilly aprons and are grateful when their hard working husband suggests getting a bigger TV “all the better to watch the grass grow my dear”. Grrrrr.

It annoys me because it’s so casual. No doubt Currys thought they were being incredibly clever or funny by running this series of ads, maybe even ironic. They’re not. They’re being sexist. Pure and simple.

This kind of everyday sexism permeates life at every turn.

From Page Three which still suggests it’s OK to ogle a (often young) half naked woman over the cornflakes, sending out the message that women are little more than sexual objects. From those who defend it as harmless fun, whilst ignoring how it translates into society at large – women, going about their business, shouted at in the streets; women viewed as less than human; the worth of women and girls assessed by their looks and body shapes …

Isn’t it about time we stopped treating half the population so badly?

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2 comments on “Everday Sexism in Advertising

  1. It annoys me too! I LOVE football – am I not allowed to watch the World Cup, purely because I’m female?! You’d think that advertisers should realise that traditional gender stereotypes went out of the window YEARS ago!

  2. You are really making me laugh. It is true though and we never really think about sexism in adverts.

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