What Am I?

I thought I’d try something new for Wordless Wednesday for a little while with a series of What Am I? pictures. Leave your guesses in the comments below and next week I’ll reveal the answer as well as posting a new What Am I? picture.

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2014-06-01 17.53.15

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29 comments on “What Am I?

  1. Is it an alien bowling ball?

  2. An old strainer? Happy WW and great idea!

  3. oh dear, I have no idea what that is, but it looks like it might be bad news. hope I’m wrong

  4. Oh hmmm a snake? This is tough! 😛

  5. Ummm…. a Christmas ornament someone with really good aim shot with a bb gun?? (Do I get a prize for wordiest explanation? I could use longer words if that would help!) 😉

  6. I have no idea either. Have a great night.

  7. I was going to guess a strainer too! Great idea!

  8. Cheese under a microscope! 🙂

  9. collander? coconut with holes? Oh I guessed 2 sorry =P #WW

  10. It looks a little like frog spawn, but it’s the wrong time of the year for that, so I’m going to go for wool. Or crochet if I need to be specific?

  11. MMMM is it a strainer ? Whatever it is it looks rarther spooky lol x

    Bump and Beyond

  12. I’m gonna guess an old tea bag strainer.

  13. The bottom of a plant vase.

  14. It has the look of something metal that is worn.

  15. No idea. I suck at these games, lol

  16. Oh my goodness. No idea. I’m completely stuck.

  17. Aw, now I’m curious… 😀

  18. Manhole cover?
    Happy WW!

  19. Something from the allotment?

  20. How about a broiler pan?

  21. This is tricky. I would have guessed a straining spoon.

  22. Katrina on said:

    Rubber bath mat?

  23. Katrina on said:

    or, a watering can rose.

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