A Little Treat for Father’s Day – Review

Father’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re anything like me you’ll be wondering what to get Daddy. Men always seem so difficult to buy for! If the man you’re buying for likes chocolate, then a visit to Hotel Chocolat could be the answer – they have a great range of gifts for Father’s Day and something to suit all budgets, with gifts starting at £3.85.

I was sent the Father’s Day Collection, priced £15.00, to review and I shared it with Stonelaughter, to get a Dad’s point of view too (though I really didn’t want to!). The Father’s Day Collection has a praline trio, a mini Hazelnut Bûche, and three small slabs of chocolate – white; milk with fruit and nut; and 70% dark with cocoa nibs along with (much to Stonelaughter’s delight) a 5cl bottle of Special Reserve Tawny Port. My first instinct was to open the box and eat the lot immediately. I managed to restrain myself though, in the interests of being able to give you an accurate account of the flavours.

Stonelaughter drank the port, and said it was very nice.

The trio of pralines – two in dark chocolate casing and one in milk chocolate, were delicious. The dark chocolate was rich and bitter – but bitter in the way good chocolate should be. The praline centres were beautifully smooth. Stonelaughter decided these were his favourite out of all the chocolate in the collection.


The Father's Day Collection arrived in a Hotel Chocolat gift bag, and was tied with black ribbon.

The Father’s Day Collection arrived in a Hotel Chocolat gift bag, and was tied with black ribbon.


The milk chocolate slab was adorned with golden raisins and roasted hazelnuts. The milk chocolate was still rich with cocoa flavour (a dark milk chocolate, if you will) and it had a subtle hazelnut flavour to it. The golden raisins were large and juicy, the hazelnuts providing the perfect crunch.

I don’t normally like white chocolate, finding it too sweet, but this white chocolate is different. I noticed, after we had eaten it, that it is described as “High Cocoa White Chocolate”; it is still creamy, but has more chocolate flavour and less sweetness than you would normally expect to find in white chocolate. I like it!

The dark chocolate slab was 70% cocoa solids, making it another rich, deliciously bitter, melt in the mouth experience. It really was very special indeed. The cocoa nibs added a little hit of flavour and crunch.

Finally, we shared the hazelnut bûche – a little chocolate log full of hazelnut flavour.  The chocolate is rich and creamy and melts in the mouth. It was very hazelnutty (yes, that is a word) and possibly my favourite out of the collection.

I would like to point out that we didn’t open the box and scoff the lot – we actually took five nights (once the children were in bed – we weren’t sharing!) to eat our way through the selection; we wanted to have the chance to savour each different flavour. I think we were very restrained.

What will you be treating your Daddy to on Father’s Day?


Disclosure: we were sent a free Father’s Day Collection for the purposes of this review. We have not been paid for the review and all views are our own.

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4 comments on “A Little Treat for Father’s Day – Review

  1. oooo I just love Hotel Chocolat! This looks yummy, I am not a Dad but I want it!

  2. I am yet to try something from Hotel Chocolat though everyone I meet seems to have A) tried it and B) Love it.

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