100 Happy Days – Day 92

734862017493042833_2416632Today was the day that Bean delved into the world of Shakespeare for the first time (if we don’t count Gnomeo and Juliet – and I don’t think we do).

Yesterday he was given a box set of Shakespeare titles which have been rewritten for younger readers. He thought about starting with Gnomeo Romeo and Juliet, since he has some knowledge of that story, but in the end opted to go for Much Ado About Nothing,* because it sounded funny.

He decided to read it to me, and he grasped what was going on remarkably quickly, putting in his own asides, adding voices and generally finding it all very amusing. Here’s hoping this kicks off a love of Shakespeare in time!

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2 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 92

  1. aww it’s lovely to hear children read, amazing that he was willing to read shakespeare too!

    L x

  2. That’s a world away from Horrible Histories, which is Harry’s current series of choice. Go Bean!

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