100 Happy Days – Day 90

2014-06-01 17.49.51Another long afternoon on the allotment yesterday, for which I know I will be paying. However, needs must and I got lots of things ticked off the to do list. Unfortunately, the list keeps growing, but I am slowly turning it into a vegetable garden instead of a weed bed.

On this visit I banked up the potatoes, dug out and weeded another strip on the main vegetable bed, which meant I was able to get some courgette and pumpkin plants out of the greenhouse and into the ground. I planted out another half a dozen of the children’s sunflowers amongst the peas, squash, courgette and pumpkin, planted some marigolds in amongst the carrots, weeded the carrots … *deep breath* … potted on some more courgettes, some aubergine, repotted some peppers and chilli, transplanted half a dozen strawberry plants from our garden to the fruit bed at the allotment, along with a blueberry plant and a finally … transplanted the grapevine from our garden to the large greenhouse on the allotment in the hope that it will grow better and perhaps even fruit at some point in the future. And then, I moved the remaining courgette, squash, pumpkin and sunflower plants out of the greenhouse, where they were struggling with the heat, to a sheltered spot next to the greenhouse whilst I decide what to do with them! Finally, I added some sweetcorn and cabbage plants to that spot, until I have the ground ready for them. They were gifted to me by NBF, who I haven’t seen for about three weeks.

In amongst the fruit bed, I found a single solitary ripe strawberry, shining like a beacon 🙂

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3 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 90

  1. Gosh what a lot you managed to do. Sounds like you are way more organised than us. Weeds are still dominating and we only managed to get our potatoes in last week – nothing else in at all yet apart from the garlic that overwintered. That first strawberry must surely be the best.

  2. Fiona Naughton on said:

    This is so lovely, all your hard work will be payed off when your harvesting your own produce. Such a lovely thing to do 🙂

    Fiona @ http://www.dollydowsie.com

  3. Linda Potter on said:

    I’m exhausted reading about it but I agree that you will reap your reward at the harvesting of your toil.

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