100 Happy Days – Day 89

Stone SoupSaturday morning began with a delivery which included a board game I had bought for the children. As soon as they saw it they wanted to play it, and so we played three or four games of Stone Soup. It’s a co-operative game, meaning that all players win or lose together. Stone Soup is a matching game, but you all work together to remember where the pairs are. You have to try and find all the pairs of ingredients before you uncover all the “fire out” cards – when you uncover all ten fire out cards, the fire under the pot goes out and you can’t complete the soup.

I wondered how much this would entertain eight year old Bean, but he loved it, loved helping his younger sister find pairs, and even laughed when we put the fire out with only three of the twelve pairs found. Plum giggled all the way through, loved guessing where the peas were and celebrated each time she found a fire out card! I’m pleased to say that we did manage to finish the soup several times. I really enjoyed playing it with them.

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  1. sounds like a good game to get siblings joining in and helping each other!

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