I had a sudden desire, late last night, to change my blog theme. I liked what I had, but there were aspects I wasn’t happy with. It felt a bit straight lined and conformist for one thing. I was feeling the need for something a bit more chaotic[…]

The other day I was drawn into a Twitter argument. Now, I don’t often get the opportunity to engage in conversation on Twitter, there’s usually so much going on here. However, having just got back from conference and having been reminded of the importance of being engaged with[…]

On our way home from Oxford on Sunday, we stopped for lunch. Whilst I was dealing with PK, Stonelaughter took Bean and Plum to the loo. After lunch, Stonelaughter set off down the stairs with Bean and Plum again, whilst I got PK out of his chair. On[…]

A gluten free version of Eton Mess, served to me at The Vaults in Oxford, whilst listening to Xanthe Gresham telling us the story of the Cashmere Scarf. A heavenly evening.

The final day of the Barefoot Books Ambassador Conference saw another 7.45am start, another boatload of caffeine (hazelnut latte for me this morning!) and more photography from the lovely Amy – this time group shots, complete with paper flowers in our hair! Saturday was full on – the[…]

The Barefoot Books conference kicked off at 7.45am on Friday morning, when the leaders gathered at the Oxford Studio to drink boatloads of caffeine and have their headshots taken by photographer extraordinaire Amy, who was documenting the whole conference. After breakfast of pastries and fresh fruit, we went[…]