Ten More Things I Want to Tell My Daughter

cachaIn April, I posted 25 Things I Want My Daughter to Know. In fact, by the time I got to the end of the list, it was 25 things I wanted all of my children to know, and I realised I hadn’t finished the list. And so I decided to add to the list, and here’s the next ten things I want to tell them about life

1. No-one changed anything by keeping quiet.

2. Some rules are made to be broken

3. If something is wrong, speak out. When people stay quiet, terrible injustices are allowed to happen.

4. You are enough.

5. When choosing a career, choose something you love. If it means enough, you’ll find a way to pay the bills.

6. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

7. Even when life gets busy, try and find time to read for pleasure.

8. When you get older, the things you regret will be the opportunities you didn’t take.

9. You haven’t failed at anything until you give up trying.

10. You don’t need to follow the crowd.


What do you want your children to know?

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5 comments on “Ten More Things I Want to Tell My Daughter

  1. This is such a lovely thing to do, I wish someone would have given me this advice as a child x

  2. What a lovely idea! and some really good bits of advice there!

  3. Tiny Tang on said:

    This is such an incredibly sweet thing to do, and the things you’ve listed are things id definitely want to tell my children if I had any:) these things are what we all can learn from too, thank you for sharing! Your daughter is very cute as well 🙂 x
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  4. Great list, and advice that we can take away whether young or old. I have been thinking a lot about this since having my son.

    • it’s amazing how many of life’s little lessons you suddenly feel the need to tell them about, ready to store up for the future isn’t it?

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