100 Happy Days – Day 88

2014-05-30 19.42.23Another food related happy days post. Stonelaughter and I both really fancied salads for tea on Friday, so we had home made potato salad, salad leaves and home made rice salad. It’s the rice salad I was looking forward to most – it reminds me of the buffets we had at our youth club discos. We’d all take some food and my Mum always made a rice salad, which was always popular. This was slightly warm when we ate it and it was delish! I always add some soy sauce to it – it looks much nicer when the rice isn’t bright white!  We’d normally have peanuts in it too, but we ate those the night before when we got the munchies 🙂

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One comment on “100 Happy Days – Day 88

  1. Ooh looks yummy, I love interesting salads 🙂 x

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