100 Happy Days – Day 84

729638743674815694_2416632Bank Holiday Monday was a delightfully lazy day. We had thought of going to the forest or out somewhere else for the day but I wasn’t up to it, since walking was causing me a lot of pain. So instead we stayed at home and chilled out, playing with PK, taking the chance to read and I got to grips with the flute that Stonelaughter made for me.

729638436483990730_2416632I love all the flutes he makes and hearing their different voices, some deep and sombre, others lighter. I wanted a small flute, almost penny whistle sized. This one has a bright and breezy voice – I can imagine the pixies dancing to it in the moonlight!

So now I just have to get used to playing it – quite unlike playing recorder or clarinet, no music, different notes. I love hearing the music it makes up as I play!


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5 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 84

  1. What a lovely thing. I wish I could play an instument.

  2. What a lovely way to spend a day. You must make a video of you playing the flute, it sounds like fun.

  3. I am sorry walking causes you a lot of pain. Fun flutes which my kiddoes would love.

    • haha, they’re not really children’s instruments (though our three love playing them, even the one year old). This one would have been for sale for somewhere around £100!

  4. How lovely! I remember having a wooden flute when I was younger!

    Corinne x

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