100 Happy Days – Day 83

So the children have been in Cromer with their grandparents (except PK who, at 17 months, is still too young to go). It’s been very quiet here and whilst I miss the children, I love the peace! I know they are happy and having fun, so I’m in no rush to bring them home. If they were unhappy, I’d have them back here quicker than you can imagine! Anyway, here are some photos they sent of their time so far. They seem to be in the only spot not drowning in rain at the moment 🙂

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3 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 83

  1. Daisy on said:

    Aww lovely, I’ve never been to Cromer but id love to go! It looks gorgeous!

  2. Indeed they look like a happy bunch, which is the key thing when we have kids, we want them happy all the time. But I don’t blame you for loving the peace also, because it’s one of the things I also treasure a lot when my little guy is not running around and screaming haha.

    xx Donah

  3. Patricia on said:

    They look as they’re having a great time. But I can imagine how difficult it must be for you x

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