100 Happy Days – Day 82

2014-05-24 20.28.50Saturday night and all is well. The elder two children are still away of course, and PK is asleep on the sofa. Stonelaughter spent the morning in his workshop creating a new flute and working on the drone he’s been creating this week.

This afternoon I went to the allotment to do something about these flipping weeds – scythed the remainder of the bean plot (again) and then put a tarp down over it in a bid to keep them under control for long enough for me to dig the rest of it over. I transplanted seven butternut squash plants from the greenhouse to the plot, and then it promptly poured down, so they should be well watered in!

I weeded the potato patch – by hand! – and then tried to do the same with the carrots and parsnips but couldn’t manage all of it, so I’ll have to have another go at that bit. The ground isn’t quite ready for the courgettes, so I moved them into bigger pots and finished separating out the last of the tomatoes.

I didn’t stop for three hours, but it sounds as though I didn’t do much!

Anyway, this evening I am enjoying a well deserved glass of wine. Cheers!

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6 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 82

  1. I have tons of weeds to take off… I can totally get it why this can’t be done all in one go

  2. Emma T on said:

    Sounds like a job well done. And way more than I’ve ever done in my life gardening.

    I might need some tomato tips – mine are rapidly overgrowing their pots on the window sills and not sure what I need to do with them next. I’m not a gardener at all – I usually kill everything

  3. Wow a very deserved glass of wine indeed. Sounds like you have been really busy with the allotment – can’t wait to see some photos of your progress

    Laura x

  4. Job well done and a well deserved glass of wine at the end of it!

  5. I was up at the crack of dawn this morning with Finley… and all I could think about was the state of the weeds in the garden! Then I read this… how weird?! Must be a sign to get my bum into gear lol x

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