Whilst we were at the conference, some awards were made for recruiting and retaining team leaders. My own team leader won an award for having the highest sales in Europe last year, and the highest number of team members recruited last year who are still with us. I[…]

The first chance I had to get back to the allotment after our trip to Oxford was Wednesday! Luckily, we’d had someone looking after it for us and watering the greenhouses.  I was amazed at all the growth I found. Remember last week when I took a scythe[…]

A lovely simple Happy Day photo for day 78. Plum came home from nursery absolutely bursting with pride over the self portrait she had painted. She was at great pains to point out that she had given herself curly hair and sparkles on her top. I love it!

I was reading an article recently in which Bear Grylls explained that he thought parents remove too much risk from their children’s lives. His theory was that wrapping them up in cotton wool did them a dis-service – far from keeping them safe, it was preventing them from[…]