I had a sudden desire, late last night, to change my blog theme. I liked what I had, but there were aspects I wasn’t happy with. It felt a bit straight lined and conformist for one thing. I was feeling the need for something a bit more chaotic and swirly. I think I achieved that!

I’m trying to tell myself that having only one sidebar is OK, since I’ve always gone for two. Having just one means I have been more selective about what goes in there, which is probably a good thing anyway and so now there is less clutter.

I’d love to know what you think of the new look.

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3 comments on “Facelift

  1. Beckie on said:

    I really love it, very summery too 😀

  2. great new change around its always nice to change ur theme every now and then i love all the colours! x

  3. Looks really bright and swirly .. cheerful and cheery … enjoy your facelift! Cheers Hilary

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