100 Happy Days – Day 73

A bit behind with this, but don’t worry – I have all the photos, there was just no time to post them. I’ve been at the Barefoot Books* European Ambassador Conference and was so busy I couldn’t find time to blog! And 100 Happy Days is one thing you can’t schedule in advance 🙂

So, backing up to Thursday, day 73, the day the conference started for Leaders. The four EU Team Leaders were invited to an evening meal at Gee’s in Oxford with the two Barefoot Books Founders Nancy Traversy (CEO) and Tessa Strickland (Editor-in-Chief), Stefanie Grossman (Program Director) and Mary Christensen – our conference keynote speaker, and author of several books on making the most of your direct sales business*.

It was a great start to the conference, gorgeous food, lots of chat and a really nice relaxed evening.

2014-05-15 21.37.53

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