A Need for Solitude

Loneliness is marked by a sense of isolation. Solitude, on the other hand, is a state of being alone without being lonely…

Do you like solitude?

Even as a child, I needed time alone on a regular basis, and would feel tense if I didn’t get that solitude often enough. I still need that time. I don’t mean that I prefer to be alone than with other people, but I have to have time to myself every day. I get incredibly stressed if I don’t get it.

"Solitude" © Katy Breen

“Solitude” © Katy Breen

When I look back, it used to be easy to get time alone. These days, with three young children, it’s increasingly hard to come by. I often end up staying up for an hour when everyone else is asleep just to get some space for myself. Since it’s often gone midnight when PK goes to sleep, it means staying up late. Sometimes I go without but I really feel it when that happens.

It occurred to me, when I went to the allotment the other day on my own, that time spent digging the weeds up, on my own, is just as good as, no – is better than, time sitting on my own late at night. I need to time to think, to just be – I don’t particularly want time to spend getting my nails done or being pampered – it’s the head space I crave.

I’ve noticed this same tendency in Bean lately. He’s begun taking himself off for a walk around the block during the day, especially if he and his siblings have been winding each other up. He also needs time to himself, and he’s not guaranteed it, even in his own room, with two a younger brother and sister in the house who worship the ground he walks on, whilst simultaneously arguing with him!

It’s days like these, where they’ve been bickering constantly, that he most benefits from his walk. It’s days like these that leave me most in need of some head space too – if only I could just go and walk around the block on my own!

What about you – do you need time on your own regularly, or do you prefer to be with others as much as possible?

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4 comments on “A Need for Solitude

  1. I would love time on my own just to sit and think or sit and watch the world go by, its always hard with kids. My escape is the bedroom snuggled under the covers or on our bedroom window seat.

  2. I def need solitude. Time to sit and read my kindle in peace and quiet

  3. Hi Mahala .. being on my own is an essential – taking time out to just be … a walk, some time away from everything .. I can quite agree with you and Bean … cheers Hilary

  4. Pinky on said:

    I need daily time too sometimes it’s a few minutes sometimes an hour, just me . I prefer doing something like yoga, running or reading. Time to put the day in perspective and stop me dwelling on the stresses of the day. I’ve found it hard getting this being a first time mum. I get nervous around people and having a child has thrown me into the whole social activities that go with having children, which I’ve enjoyed, but the own time has become so much more important. 🙂

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