100 Happy Days – Day 71

After Plum’s dance classes this morning, I took the boys to the allotment this afternoon.

PK laughing as he wanders about in the rain

PK laughing as he wanders about in the rain

PK immediately wanted to be out of the sling and walking around, so off he went, with Bean trailing him to keep him out of trouble. Trouble in the case would be other people’s plots or something dangerous. Not the huge muddy puddles PK managed to find and wade through!

Once he’d had enough, he’d really had enough though, and Bean was tired and sore (having managed to hit his hip bone with the handle of the rake he was using), so Stonelaughter came and collected them whilst I stayed on to get some work done!

I’ve realised that not only is the allotment a great place for the solitude I need, but it also seems to be the place where blog posts write themselves in my head whilst I’m digging – this is happening increasingly often. All I need is to find the time to actually type up the posts that pop into my head.

It was raining today whilst I was there, but it was still quite warm, so I dispensed with my fleece – Bean thought I was mad with bare arms (I garden in a vest top), but it’s only rain!

Anyway, before I left I managed to finish digging and weeding the first section of the bean and pea plot and put up the canes. Most of the other plots are ahead of me on this, but I finally got there – with the help of some scavenged canes from the next door plot which is currently owner-less and therefore, apparently, fair game.

Next week, the plants will go in as well!

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2 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 71

  1. Aww! i love seeing all these 100 happy days posts! Just proves theres a little bit of sunshine in everyones days!! x

  2. I totally agree being out there at one with the great outdoors helps me focus what I want to say in my blog posts.

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