100 Happy Days – Day 68

717340637457384696_2416632Today, I finally found time to try out the Viking Knit Chain kit I bought last month. The tutorial is for an 18″ necklace (I’m making mine slightly longer) and I’m using copper.

The actual method is fairly straightforward; the tricky bit is getting the knit even, tidy and straight looking – not nearly as easy as you might imagine, as you can probably see from the 717468253963257839_2416632first photo. Still, it was an enjoyable activity.

I haven’t finished the necklace yet, although the chain is made for it – I need to make the fastenings and links for it yet, but that’s not likely to happen tonight!




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2 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 68

  1. looks really professional and rather beautiful. I like copper – it’s a soft coloured metal

  2. How fun! I’m from Norway originally so Viking stuff feel quite close to the heart! 😀
    Good luck with the rest! 😀

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