100 Happy Days – Day 67

100 Happy DaysToday’s Happy Days post is all about learning. We had quite a chilled day, but with plenty of learning involved.

After some time playing a game on the touchpad, Bean did some Maths. He was struggling with one particular concept and getting upset, so we went back to basics, walked it through a step at a time and then he did a page of problems on his own, each time getting more confident with the method. I think he’s cracked it now – he was certainly all smiles again by the end of it.

His interest in rainforests came up again, and so we sat down and watched an episode of Wild Brazil together and learned lots. I’m planning to capitalise on this and do a project with him about the animals of the rainforest. I just need to decide how we’ll approach it.

the bracelet Bean made for his sister

the bracelet Bean made for his sister

Next he decided he wanted to do some DT and got his rainbow loom out. He decided to make a bracelet as a present for Plum, and planned out a pattern for it. He did most of it himself, only asking for some help to remember where he needed to hook the first band to. Plum was over the moon with it.

After dinner, off he went to Judo, for his last session before he grades again in a month’s time. A rest now before bed and then he’ll be reading for an hour – he’s currently reading Through the Portal*, having recently finished Black Beauty, The Railway Children, Treasure Island, the entire Harry Potter series, The Secret Garden and pretty much anything else he can get his hands on!

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4 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 67

  1. Your boy sounds like a talented kid. Why dont’t you suggest to him to start a scrapbook of the rain forest That would be interesting and he could add bits of info as he discovers it.It could be on going and keep him busy and occupied.

  2. The Secret Garden was one of my favourite books when I was a child – your son has taste 🙂

  3. What a pretty bracelet. I daughter has been making similar with little elastic bands. Fun and cute!

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