100 Happy Days – Day 59

711010681420875768_2416632It’s a bit of a mixed bag today. I’ve been suffering the last couple of days with something which might be viral, or a fybromyalgia flare-up  or a coeliac flare-up, but whatever it is, it’s painful and energy sapping.

So the first happy thing is that we have enough flexibility in our working day that Stonelaughter was able to take Plum to nursery and collect her again because I haven’t been up to doing it, and that has been a huge help.

BeanmedalA second happy thing today has been the children’s efforts at learning German. Bean is loving it, although he’s quite strict with what he is willing to learn at any given time. He recites the numbers from one to ten when we’re shopping, gardening, caching etc .. and he has been trying to teach Plum too. She thinks it’s hilarious. She can be found wandering about the place shouting “eins, zwei, vier, funf *collapses in giggles* acht, neun *can hardly breathe for laughing*. In the same way as when she was learning numbers in English, she has a mental block on certain numbers. In English it was fifteen, in German it is four.  PK has also been learning numbers and likes to sit shouting “one, two, threeeee, two, two, threeeeee”. Then he chuckles to himself.

And thirdly, Bean came home from Cubs this evening with a runners-up medal from the fun day on Sunday, of which he was rightly proud and pleased.

Good, good.

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2 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 59

  1. Well done Bean on your runner-up medal for the fun run 🙂

  2. Well done on the medal, that is fab. Fibro/Coeliac here, so I feel your pain!

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