Another food related happy days post. Stonelaughter and I both really fancied salads for tea on Friday, so we had home made potato salad, salad leaves and home made rice salad. It’s the rice salad I was looking forward to most – it reminds me of the buffets we[…]

In April, I posted 25 Things I Want My Daughter to Know. In fact, by the time I got to the end of the list, it was 25 things I wanted all of my children to know, and I realised I hadn’t finished the list. And so I[…]

You have to take your laughs where you find them don’t you? I admit to being amused by this in Tesco this afternoon. I know it’s not big, clever or even new, but it was the first time I had seen this particular product in person. I had[…]

Today was the day I realised that I don’t have a baby any more. PK is most definitely a toddler, whether I want to admit it or not. He’s been toddling for a few months now, and the last couple of weeks have brought several new words a[…]

Bean rang me from his holiday in Norfolk the other night to tell me what he’d been up to. Plum is enjoying her holiday and doesn’t seem to be missing us at all. I’m glad she’s having fun. In the midst of all the excited tales of treasure[…]

After speaking to the children on Monday evening, we confirmed with their grandparents that they could stay another two days and come home on Thursday, since they were both having such a great time and wanted to stay, So imagine our surprise when we received a text at[…]