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She speaks like a woman spitting jewels

xantheXanthe Gresham is a storyteller and author. She has travelled the world with her performance storytelling shows. Having grown up in the UK and studied literature at Oxford, Xanthe has spent much of the last twenty years performing tales from many cultures, specialising in religious myths from around the world.

Xanthe has also worked with Barefoot Books, which is how I first came to hear of her. Most recently, she retold The Princess and the Pea for Barefoot Books, as well as narrating the audio CDs for this book, as well as the others in the range – The Twelve Dancing Princesses and The Snow Queen.

XANTHE_GRESHAMAlthough she has written and narrated children’s books for Barefoot, much of her performance work is aimed at older children and adults and I was especially interested her series of Goddess Tales performances, looking at Hecate, Aphrodite, Isis,  Baba Yaga, Morgana le Fey and others.

So when Barefoot Books announced last week that Xanthe would be attending the European Ambassadors’ Conference in Oxford next month and would be treating us to some of her performance storytelling, I was very excited indeed!  This is one of my favourites aspects of being involved in Barefoot Books – I have met quite a number of authors and illustrators and we have a large and growing collection of signed copies at home. Bean especially loves to have signed copies and I will certainly take my opportunity to get a copy of The Princess and the Pea signed by Xanthe!


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6 comments on “Let me Introduce You to …. Xanthe Gresham

  1. She seems really likeable. My kiddoes would love to meet her.

  2. Thank you so much for posting about Xanthe. Iʻve heard of barefoot books but not her. I can tell sheʻs worth listening to just by that hilarious picture. I wonder if she ever makes it down to Texas? Thanks so much for visiting my blog – two more days!

  3. Thanks so much for introducing many of us to this storyteller and performance artist, that we may not of heard of before. I have heard of Barefoot Books and have enjoyed what I have seen of them. I also enjoy anything goddess-related so I will definitely be looking up her work.

  4. Never heard about her.But thanks for sharing about her.Was good to have you visiting my blog post earlier.Thanks.

  5. Great post 🙂 I’d never heard about her before now!

  6. Hey

    I have just started to get back into reading.. Sometimes it would be better to use an audiobook I think.. especially being on a long motorway stretch… does that make me old?


    P.S I have shared you on my social media

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