100 Happy Days – Day 55

Renewing the Cub Promise

Renewing the Cub Promise

We’ve had a lovely day today. It was the St George’s Day Fun Day for all the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts in the district, and they had organised an inflatable assault course.

The weather forecast was not favourable, but as it turned out, it was a lovely sunny day and we had a great time.

Bean’s troop was hosting the event, but it was attended by all the troops in the district. The afternoon started with a parade of all the troop flags, and then everyone renewed their promises together.  With the serious stuff done, each troop divided into teams of ten, each

Setting off on his leg of the race

Setting off on his leg of the race

made up of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. There were then several heats – four teams at a time up against each other to run a relay of the course. Bean’s team won their heat and ran again in the first semi final. They didn’t win that unfortunately, but they had a great time and I loved seeing how well the different age groups interacted and how much support the younger ones got from the older ones.

A great, fun day which was well supported by families and took a lot of effort on behalf of the leaders to organise. I feel lucky that Bean has the opportunity to participate in this sort of thing.

Battling the inflatables

Battling the inflatables


The course in all its glory

The course in all its glory

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6 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 55

  1. Catherine Culmer on said:

    That inflatable looks absolutely amazing. I want a go.


    • Yes, I think a lot of parents were keen on having a go. The Leaders all had to go on it too – some weren’t as keen. My three year old was desperate to have a go. The thing you can’t see on the photo is the two vertical climbs they had to manage!

  2. OMG i cant believe how much fun that inflatable looks! Looks like it was a great day all round x


  3. Looks like a fabulous day! As everyone says, the inflatable is rather exciting!

  4. Aww, I can’t wait till my little man is old enough to join the cubs. Looks like an awesome day – like ‘It’s a Knock Out’ for little peeps. x

  5. I must say that all looks fun ! Inflatable bouncy castle do adults have fun with these too? or won’t they admit that?


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