100 Happy Days – Day 52

A case of simple pleasures today. Bean asked if they could make their own lunch today – he wanted pizza. Nice and simple, easy, quick – and I had things in the fridge that they could use to make them.

tortillaWe didn’t have pizza bases in, but I did have a packet of gluten free tortilla wraps, so we used those as the base. I made pizza sauce by mixing some fresh salsa with some tomato puree, and we had cheese, ham, mushrooms and sweetcorn available as toppings. Being made on tortilla means they were quick to cook, and the kids managed not to make a huge mess – so happy kids, happy Mum!

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3 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 52

  1. such a great idea, might do this with pitta bread tonight x

  2. Its so lovely when you let kids create their own meals.Good way to teach them to cook too.

  3. Themothernista on said:

    fab idea! Will definitely try this with my little ones, so simple!

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