100 Happy Days – Day 50

Half way through already!  It seems to have gone so quickly. Here’s hoping the next 50 days are as easy to do as the first.

shuffle, hop, stamp

shuffle, hop, stamp

Today was the start of the new term for Plum’s BabyBallet class. She has missed it really badly over the Easter break, so was thrilled when I told her this morning that we could go today.



704329362204886650_2416632It’s always a bit hit and miss taking her. She loves to dance, and she loves the class, but her mood can change in a split second and she can go from loving every minute of it to full meltdown without anything seeming to have happened.  Lately, she’s been getting hungry during her class time, no matter how much I feed her beforehand. We seem to have got to a point where she will only take part in the tap and ballet classes she loves if she has a slice of bread and pickle in one hand!  If you look closely, you’ll see said snack in one of these pictures.


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5 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 50

  1. Awww she looks so sweet in her little baby ballet outfit. She sounds a lot like what I was when I was little x

  2. I tried doing this, but unfortunately I stopped around the 10 mark due to being too busy. I love people doing these 100 happy days things, it really shows us the things to appreciate in life and the moments that are priceless 🙂


  3. How adorable is your little ballerina! So cute 🙂

    Fiona @ http://www.dollydowsie.com

  4. Your little one looks like a princess so very cute and photogenic.

  5. Linda Potter on said:

    But she looks as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth mummy.

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