100 Happy Days – Day 48

A little while ago, we bought a voucher on Groupon to go to a Viking day at Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire today. I don’t very often use Groupon, but I do keep an eye out for deals on family days out.

We managed to miss the rain by going to the cafe for a drink just as it was starting, and it was all over by the time we came out again. So, keeping dry, we saw some Viking musical instruments, cooking, a Viking doctor (butcher? lol), some battles, we walked up to the remains of the castle keep, Bean had a go at archery. We tried to go to a storytelling session, but it was full, so we missed out on that.

We also also found a trade stall which we were really interested in – there were only half a dozen stalls, and five of them held no interest at all for us, but the first one we saw was fabulous. There were some wooden crafts, and Stonelaughter had a long chat with the guy who was making those, and there was lots of wire jewellery, and I had a chat with the woman who was making that. It was a Viking craft and one that I found very interesting indeed. I may well blog about it more in the future 😉

So we had a lovely afternoon out and have made plans to go back next month for another fun day.

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6 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 48

  1. This looks great fun! Looks like you had a great day out 🙂

  2. V isViking?
    Hey, you know how useless my geography is, but how far are you guys from York? They have some awesome Viking things there. Jorvik Viking centre was fantastic (at least it was seven or eight years ago).

    • Not too far from us. I’ve been there a few times (including when it very first opened). Cian’s been too. It’s still fab.

      (but V is not for Viking in this series)

  3. You know I have never been to Tutbury Castle and it isn’t that far away from me – I shall have to put it on my ‘to visit’ list for this year. x

  4. Brian la zouche on said:

    it was a brill day, glad you enjoyed it.. yes im the guy who did the archery 🙂

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