100 Happy Days – Day 47

Didn’t get chanced to post this yesterday, so here are yesterday’s Happy Days pictures.

We went to my brother’s house for lunch which, unbelievably, is the first time we’ve seen him this year! All the children really enjoyed seeing each other again – they all play so well together, though it’s bedlam when they are together – Bean is 8, Fyn is 4, Plum is 3, CooCoo is almost 2 and PK is 16 months.

We had a lovely lunch of lamb and pork and veggies, the children had an Easter hunt in the garden, played swingball, bounced on the trampoline, set up an obstacle course, ate chocolate – you get the picture. And then Bean and I introduced everyone to geochaching and we had a trip out to find one of the local caches. It was a lovely walk along the beck and once we’d found it, we went off to the stream to skim stones.

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2 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 47

  1. Some really lovely happy days pics here. I love all the kids names, so cute 🙂 Have a lovely Easter xxx

  2. cute photo’s hope you enjoyed your day x

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