New Baby Products – How Many Do You Really Need?

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Recently, I saw this article about new products on the baby market – a selection of the new products offered by the 3000 or so exhibitors at the ABC Expo in Las Vegas earlier this year.


a storage system specifically for shop bought pouches of baby food

Now, I haven’t seen the rest of what was on offer, but reading through this list made my heart sink. Let’s be honest, there’s not much you actually need when you have a baby. There may be lots of things you would like, want, but babies are pretty accessory free really. You could certainly waste an awful lot of money of unnecessary stuff if you wanted to. In fact, play your cards right, and you could buy enough stuff that you never need interact with your little cherub at all.

Some of the things that stood out to me were:


  • A battery operated device to rock baby’s car seat to save you a job.
  • The Dream Premium bassinet in leather at a cool $1200
  • Booster seats for kids that match the car’s interior
  • Hello Kitty range of bouncers, high chairs, pushchairs etc
  • A pushchair with built in generator and mobile phone charger
  • Voice activated night lights which play music when baby cries
  • A device to tell you when the bath is full enough for your toddler
  • A storage system for shop-bought baby food pouches
  • A leather covered Silver Cross pram


There were any number of strollers and car seats with designer fabric, “this season’s colours”, a “must have” name and more.

I just don’t get it. I really don’t.  Babies do not care whether their cot has Hello Kitty all over it, so why bother? You have eyes in your head to tell you whether the water is too deep for your child.

Maybe I’m being overly picky, but we didn’t find a need for most of the things on the baby market. We didn’t have everything on the market for Bean, and when Plum and then PK were born, we bought even less, having realised how few things are necessary.

A car seat made in luxury, hand sewn leather

A car seat made in luxury, hand sewn leather

Of course, you need a car seat if you will be travelling by car with your munchkin – and it’s worth paying for a good one, if you can. By which I mean, one that is safe and will protect your baby in the unfortunate event of a collision, not one that has designer fabric. Last time I checked, designer leather does not protect your baby from a side-on shunt.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen on the market for new parents? What thing could you not do without? And finally, what did you buy that you found out you really didn’t need after all?

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5 comments on “New Baby Products – How Many Do You Really Need?

  1. I think these items are aimed at superstars and celebrities who have money to burn.

  2. I don’t have a child myself, but I imagine it is easy to fall in to the “trap” of buying way more than you actually need.

  3. I totally agree, some of those things are REDICULOUS, a charger for your phone that attaches to their pram…..well your phone really shouldn’t be high on your list of priorities when taking your baby out for the day but I can imagine so many moms will buy this so the company will do well I think



  4. It’s been around for a long while, but I’ve always been amazed at the dirty diaper compactor thing that so many new parents request, as if a diaper is the worst thing they’ll ever encounter. Then the other is the super big stroller (or pram). When one of those comes down the aisle, everybody else has to move. Mom is carrying not just baby, but her coat, packages, a ton of toys and snacks, and a drink in the cupholder. When my girls were babies, we had a simple umbrella stroller — easy to get in and out of the car, slim, easy to maneuver.
    Visiting from A to Z ~
    Wendy at Jollett Etc.

  5. My sister owns a etsy shop where she sells handmade crib bedding. She got a complaint from a customer recently because, “there were lines in the fabric” and a 1 1/2″ seam that goes behind the beds legs and isn’t within viewing distance looked slightly frayed. She also complained that she’d wanted the bedding to be “immaculate.” What can I say? My baby sleeps on mismatched sheets that may or may not have spit-up stains, but guess what? He doesn’t care. And neither do I. I think we get so caught up in the stuff that goes along with baby, we forget about the really important things. I’d much rather spend my time playing peek-a-boo or patty-cake than looking at “immaculate” crib bedding online. It’s nice to find you! I’m posting about mother-daughter relationships over on my blog today.

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