100 Happy Days – Day 44

I’m sorry – it’s another allotment based one, but it’s making me very happy! There’s a story behind today’s picture.

700087246243071758_2416632Seven months ago, our allotment had a different tenant. When he took it on, it had weeds that were waist high. He spent five months working on it – digging, weeding, digging again, digging in tons and tons of manure and getting it ready for planting, at which point he was offered two plots next to each other, but had to give up the one he’d been working on if he wanted them. That’s what he did. It was given to another tenant straight away, who visited a few times, each time dumping their household rubbish behind the shed, but not actually doing any gardening. They had it for two months and I don’t know if they gave it up or if the council took it back (which they are doing a lot more of apparently), but it became free last Thursday morning and was offered to me the same afternoon.

What’s this got to do with the picture? The man who did all the work on my plot has been by a couple of times to chat. Today on my way in, he stopped me and offered me some runner beans. He’d just been planting his and had quite a few left over. We had a chat and he said that the effort we have put in to the allotment so far has been noticed, and appreciated, and that people will be very happy to help us if we need help, because of that effort.

It felt good that people had noticed that we’ve been there every day since we signed the lease and that we’ve done quite a bit so far. And we might well be calling on some of that help (or advice at least) as we set out on our first allotment experience!

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2 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 44

  1. Aww lovely post 🙂 hope to see your beans grow! I’d love to get into gardening when I own a house and grow my own vegetables. Sounds like a lot of hard work though. 🙂

    Meimei xx


  2. I’ve visited our local allotments a few times (they gifted me some green tomatoes!), it’s a lovely community. Yeay for runner beans x

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