100 Happy Days – Day 42

2014-04-14 19.58.46The bug that has been doing the rounds at our house laid us all a bit low today, so we had a very lazy day. After tea though, Bean and I summoned the energy to go geocaching, in an attempt to find a nearby cache which has eluded us twice before. I had hoped to bring you a triumphant picture of us having finally found it.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find it. And I got stung by nettles. And it was freezing cold. However, as we headed back to the car, the moon began to rise and it was absolutely beautiful. And so the Happy Days picture today is of gorgeous Luna.

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One comment on “100 Happy Days – Day 42

  1. Beckie on said:

    The Luna tonight has been really amazing – struck a cord with me when I was driving to meeting – hope that you manage to find the cache 🙂

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