100 Happy Days – Day 41

digging1Late posting this, because my quick nap yesterday evening turned into a 14 hour marathon sleep! Yesterday we spent much of the day on our allotment and Plum discovered that there is great fun to be had digging very important holes.

digging2Aside from that, I put together our new fabric greenhouse, did some digging and weeding of what will become the first vegetable bed, re-sited said greenhouse when it became clear I’d put it in a spot that was far too exposed, helped the children plant poppies and sunflowers in the little patch they had cleared and dug – all with PK on my back.

Stonelaughter joined us at lunchtime and quickly arranged to buy an old, but “proper” greenhouse from a neighbouring plot and spent a couple of hours moving into our plot.

Still lots to do but it’s beginning to take shape.

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2 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 41

  1. Sounds like a really busy day, you probably deserved the long sleep!

  2. 14hr sleep is impressive. I should introduce my kids to yours to be inspired for gardening.

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