Interview with a Three Year Old

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In the by now traditional interviewing of my children, here is the latest interview with Plum. It’s only the second one she has done, but they make me laugh. Who knows, next year, maybe PK will join in on the action?

What is your favourite food?  Pancakes with honey and mashymows (marshmallows to you and me)

Where do carrots come from? From the ground at the farm. You have to pull them out *mimes pulling them out of the ground*

Who is in your family? Mummy, Daddy and [Bean} and [PK]and me.

What is your favourite colour? purple

What is your favourite song? Old MacDonald

 What makes you happy? Mummy and Daddy

 What makes you sad? When my foot hurts

 What’s your favourite animal? A cow. A pig. No, a cow. *mimes a pig*

What is your favourite toy? My pinano (toy piano)

 What is the best thing in the world? The sun *jumps up and down*

What do you like to do? Ballet and nursery and tap dancing.

Who runs the country? Me! *runs around the room*

What does Mummy do for work? I don’t know

What does Daddy do? He works in his shed and he makes the flutes


So there you have it; the world according to Plum, aged three and a third. Oh, and here’s the photo she wanted me to use for this:


EDITED TO ADD:  It’s been requested that I put up a linky so you can do the same with your children. I love that idea and can’t wait to read the results … so here you go!

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6 comments on “Interview with a Three Year Old

  1. oh this is so sweet! Could you make it a linky? I would love to interview Carson but hate to be ripping your idea off lol

  2. Lovely interview!
    I love purple too 🙂

  3. Aw I love this. Baby words are the best. In fact, we’ve kept some of them 30 years later, like “bangangas” (bananas).
    Visiting from A to Z ~
    Wendy at Jollett Etc.

  4. Loved this post. Stopping by from A-Z Challenge and the Unconventional Librarian Alliance.

  5. Adorable.
    I love the way kids see the world. My son at the same age called sharks the rocket fish.

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