100 Happy Days – Day 35

Today, the children asked if they could bake. I said yes, although since they had spent several hours to this point bickering with each other, I wasn’t relishing the prospect.

However, bake they did. And they did it by working together, being nice to each other and having fun. They made the cake batter themselves, taking it in turns to whisk the eggs and sugar, stir in the flour etc. They filled their own cake cases, and wiped up their own mess too!

When the cakes were baked and cool, I gave them a tray with various sprinkles and toppings, and a plate of home made chocolate icing and let them get on with the decorating. They really enjoyed themselves (and their cakes are delicious!).

Bar a slight accident which resulted in a floor covered in chocolate vermicelli  and PK being covered in icing despite not actually decorating any cakes, it was fairly painless 🙂

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2 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 35

  1. they look yummy! my three love baking!

  2. We love baking too 😀 Your cakes look really scrummy … I’m hungry now!!

    Louise x

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