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beaninterviewFor the last few years, I have been interviewing Bean in Spring and the time has come once again. It’s interesting to see how his answers change, and which stay the same.

How old are you? 8

How old are Mummy and Daddy? Mummy’s coming up to 40 and Daddy is coming up to 48

Who is in charge of the country? David Cameron, the Prime Minister, who does a really rubbish job

Who is the Queen? Queen Elizabeth 2nd. This is her 61st year of being Queen and I hope she will be Queen longer than Queen Victoria, which was 65 years. So she only needs five more years and she’s beaten Queen Victoria

What’s your favourite food? Pasta bake

What’s your favourite song? “Best Song Ever”, which literally is the best song ever by One Direction

What do you do at school? Nothing because I’m home educated. I do maths every day. Reading every day and I do certain things on certain days, like baking on Mondays, DT on Tuesdays, cub badges work on Wednesdays.

What does Mummy do all day? Sit and chat and help me with my maths if I need it and hug me and feed the babies. And she works a bit too

What does Daddy do all day? He’s in the shed working. When he’s not he’s having a wee, or getting his lunch or fiddling with his computer.

How does a car work? Absolutely no flipping idea! Well, you turn the key and the engine comes on. The engine is in the front of your car and there’s a tank that holds all the fuel and your engine rumbles to indicate its on. You have to press certain peddles to move the car and there’s a steering wheel which has springs or magnets and when you turn the wheel it moves the car a certain way. There’s gears too which you have to press the clutch to get into.

Where do babies come from? Mummy’s tummy but I don’t want to tell you any more about it like how they get there.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a rock star and a fireman and a boxer. I’ve got the muscles for that *demonstrates*

What will you call your children? Well, if I have two boys I’ll call one Harry Ronl and one Sirius Remus and if I have one boy and one girl I’ll call the boy Harry Ron and the girl Hermione Lily.

What is something Mummy always says to you? Hurry up, get on with your work.

What are your favourite toys? my lightsaber and my Lego figures

What makes you happy? being with my Mum and Dad. Oh, and coke!

What makes you sad? When Plum is sad or hurt or when PK is hurt or when my family is hurt

What’s the best thing in the world? My family

If you had one wish what would it be? it would be that there was world peace.

What’s your favourite film? ooh this is a tricky one. It has to be Despicable Me 2. That was absolutely hilarious, the first half hour me and dad were laughing our heads off

What’s your favourite book?  Black Beauty, by far. I like that it’s got so many horses and that nearly everyone ends up with a happy ending except for Ginger who was quite, well, ginger. And nasty and died on the job. And I absolutely adore horses.

What are your hobbies? cubs and judo. Judo is very complex and cubs is very hard to understand since everyone shouts what you have to do. My first night I was really confused because my leader’s leader was just shouting and I couldn’t understand anything he was shouting.

What three words would you use to describe you? Awesome. Kind. Helpful

If you could do anything or go anywhere this weekend what would it be? I would go to London and go to the Tower of London and see all the prisoners. And the crown jewels.

Are you happy? Yes.

Well, there we have it. Some things surprised me – his wish for world peace for instance, although he has been taking more notice of all the conflict in the world lately.  And I love how easy he makes it sound to look after two toddlers and home educate an 8 year old, run a business and a household, write a blog and find time for reading and crochet.  I must give off an air of calm all the time (ha!).

I also feel the need to put the record straight – I do tell him to get a move on with his work, but not all the time, not even every day and far, far less than other things, such as telling him I love him.  Still, this interview was about his perceptions. hmn

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8 comments on “Interview with an Eight Year Old

  1. Aww this is such a lovely post 🙂 Kids are so adorably honest and see the world from a different perspective from us adults.

    Stacey’s class watch Newsround at school and I now know ten times more than I used to from only catching snippets of the news and reading stuff online. The scariest thing is how much she knows about bailiffs and the new laws for them lol.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

  2. Loved reading this! Bean sounds like a lovely young boy and he seems quite knowledgeable about the world – I must say I did love his answer about David Cameron!

    Sarah xx

  3. Brilliant idea for a blogpost – to see the daily life through a childs thoughts! You really do sound like Supermum!

  4. Susan Gourley on said:

    I enjoyed meeting the grown up little guy. I love pasta bake too. He sounds very well rounded and has deep thoughts.

  5. Your last comment made me laugh, not because it was funny, but rather when I read his answer to that question that was exactly what I thought. “I’ll bet she’s disappointed he didn’t say ‘I love you’ as I am sure she says that more often.” On the flip side , I was pleased to see you run the uninfluenced interview.

    • I remember when I asked him that question when he was 4 – his answer was “Wowzers bowzers, bright green trousers”. I did say that a lot lol. Whilst it is a little disappointing that he remembered the more negative comments this year, it’s an important reminder of what messages kids take from us. He knows he is loved, but it clearly feels like he’s constantly nagged about his work!

  6. Lovely idea for a post except I am not sure if your son would appreciate it if he reads what he said and what the world read, a few years down the line. But his answers were really sweet and just as how an 8-year old’s thoughts should be!

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