100 Happy Days – Day 33

I took the tribe to soft play this afternoon to meet up with one of Bean’s old classmates. The kids had a great time and I got to catch up with a friend I haven’t seen for months.

flute2Whilst we there, Stonelaughter was getting busy in his workshop, making a flute. He’s just this week completed a commission of four flutes for a client; it has been very interesting to watch the development of these flutes, as the client has particular requirements for each flute. Today, Stonelaughter Flutes received lovely feedback about them.

 I have just received my Earth flute so now have the full set for Rituals. Earth, Water, Air and Fire. This is a project I have been building towards for a number of years. Now the set is complete the playing can start. Thank you to Stonelaughter for crafting them.

flute1So with that commission finished, he’s been working on a flute for his stock. I popped in to see how it was going and was treated to a tune from the new flute. It sent shivers down my back, and was in fact so beautiful that I cried!  This one is going to be very special.

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4 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 33

  1. How wonderful! I trained as a musician and creating new instruments is such a special art. You are very lucky!

  2. This looks fabulous, what a fantastic talent to have.

  3. what a talent, great post from you! x

  4. Wonderful! You are very lucky!

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