100 Happy Days – Day 32

I had a lovely surprise in today’s post. Well, it wasn’t completely a surprise – I had known about it, but completely forgotten it was coming and so it was lovely to get it.

691116576565987040_2416632In February, Barefoot Books ran an impromptu challenge – gain or maintain Team Leader status and received a signed copy of our new release The Prince’s Breakfast. I maintained my Level 2 Team Leader status, and my reward arrived this morning.

691117104486254307_2416632We love it. I read it to the children as soon as it arrived. Plum loved to join in the Prince’s refrain “No, not I!” with a dramatic shake of her hand, and PK, following her lead, waved in all the right places too. There was lots of giggling (especially when the King stood on his head), and guessing about what came next.

And then, just because we could (and more for Mummy than PK and Plum) we listened to the CD that comes with it and the lovely Hugh Bonneville read it to us all over again. (Cue more hand waving and giggling).

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3 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 32

  1. I love getting goodies in the post. You should pop by and link this up on my #LIML linkie tomorrow

  2. I love the rare moments when posti brings something nice and unexpected

  3. aww looks like you had some fab bits in the post this week xx

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